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West Coast, OR, us

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Reaching out to addicts, those with addicted loved ones, and encouraging recovering addicts, sharing my own personal experiences as a addict through to recovering addict .. I have loved and lost a husband to his meth addiction .. during our relationship I have enabled and been co-dependent .. I came to the end of my rope with his addiction and learned how to take care of me and my kids .. I practiced tough love - Let go and Let God. I have watched drugs steal the lives of those that I love both friends and family and that is the driving force behind me sharing my experiences in hopes to bring light to darkness and to reveal the mind of an active addict, recovering addict. I love my family & friends ... Motorcycle ridin'. EBAY! seashells by the sea shore, Love sunsets and sunrises ... beautiful scenery, outdoors, sharin' experiences of life with others. I believe whole heartedly in random acts of kindness ... and making a conscience effort to be the best person I can possibly be.

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